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Devil's Shadow Winter Trail Races

March 24, 2024

Race Details

Devil's Shadow is a new winter race by Goose Adventure Racing on the trails of Mendon Ponds Park on March 24, 2024. The race is in the tradition of Cast a Shadow, but with no snowshoe option. Athletes have the choice of a one-loop race earlier in the morning, or the 6-loop main event race.

Price: $30 registration fee for either distance. No price increases.

Common Ground Winter Trail Series

Devil's Shadow Winter Trail Races is the second race in the Common Ground Winter Trail Series, a collaboration between Farfetched Enterprises and Goose Adventure Racing. The goal of the series is bringing together the trail running community to get out on the trails over the winter and enjoy each other's company. Plans are to grow the series over time through additional independent events, but for this inaugural year, the series contains the following events:


Those who register for both events will receive a discount and some special swag.

Location, Parking & Schedule

Race HQ is at Hopkins Point Lodge in Mendon Ponds Park. Parking will be available in the area surrounding the lodge.


8:00 AM - Check-in and same-day registration opens at Hopkins Point Lodge.

9:00 AM - Start of the single loop "Warm Up" race.

12:23 PM - The sun reaches the highest point for the day and the gun will go off for the 50k ultra event. Runners will chase the growing shadows as they complete 6 loops.

4:35 PM - The shadows will celebrate their inevitable and complete victory as the sun recedes behind the glacial eskers. But the victory is hollow, because what is unsaid is that this is the moment you have been waiting for the entire day. With the darkness comes a calm and a new focus that will continue to push your tired body forward. You find comfort from the rhythmic crinch-crunch of the snow under foot, the icy bursts of breath in the narrow band of your (required) headlamp, the bite of frost on your cheek. But most of all, you are comforted by knowing that beyond the finish line there is a warm lodge full of warm people waiting to give you a high five and a mug of something good. The devil’s shadow will not truly win today.

Cutoffs: We have an estimated 8.5 hour limit on the 50k race, which translates to roughly 17 minutes per mile. We will be aiming for a 6:00 PM cutoff for starting loop 5 and a 7:15 PM cutoffs for starting loop 6. If you would like to run in the 50k, but do not think you can make the cutoff limits, contact the race directors to make arrangements.


The course is an approximately 5.1 mile loop starting at Hopkins Point Lodge. It avoids most of the larger hills and road crossings (other than the section of Hopkins Point Road that is closed for the season). Note that the race day course is subject to change due to trail and weather conditions.


Food & Drink

Hopkins Point Lodge will serve as race HQ and also host the aid station as athletes complete loops. At the aid station we will have a variety of things to keep you fueled, including:

  • Skratch Hydration (lemon-lime), water, and soda

  • Gu Energy Gels (vanilla, strawberry-banana, salted caramel)

  • Salt potatoes

  • Bone broth

  • Candy

As runners start finishing up, we will be bringing out additional supplies, including:

  • ​Mike's Mighty Good Craft Ramen Cups (beef, chicken, pork, and vegetarian)

  • Beer and Amazing Grains salt bread from R's Market

  • Skratch Recovery Chocolate (hot)

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