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Trail Running Film Festival

March 23, 2024
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The Trail Running Film Festival is back on tour and returning to Rochester for a great night of films, inspiration, and community. Come explore our collective and individual potential, and let's pursue our wildest dreams. We’re excited to bring you stories from around the world by filmmakers sharing their work of adventure, inclusivity, wilderness, art, and diversity across the trail and ultra community.

We will be hosting you at the The Little Theatre's historic Theatre 1, which re-opened in 2020 with a fully renovated marquee, new auditorium seats, fully updated stage and sound system, and a rejuvenated lobby.

The Schedule

5:00 PM - Doors open.

Pre-purchased ticket holders can check-in and receive raffle tickets for race entries and merchandise prizes. Same-day tickets sales will be available. Make your way into the inner lobby to meet with local trail running organizations and enter their raffles.

6:00 PM - Start of show.
Head on into the theater for a brief introduction and then on with the show!

6:55 PM - Intermission.
Take this time for some self-guided dynamic stretching or a visit to the concessions stand for some popcorn and beer. But hurry back because this is no ordinary intermission. While the films are paused, there will be a QR code on screen, which will enter participants into a second raffle to win prizes from our global sponsors, including:

7:00 PM - Special showing!
The big screen premiere of Way of the Mud by Goat Factory Media. A touching tale of a pack of misfit geese and a chicken running around in circles, experiencing demoralization, but ultimately finding happiness. In the mud.

7:15 PM - Start of second half.
Concessions will close for the evening and we'll start up the second half of the main program.

8:00 PM - End of the show.
As the credits roll I'll announce the winners of the local raffle. Merchandise prizes can be picked up on the way out of the theater. Race entry prizes can be coordinated through race organizations.

The Films

Photo Gallery

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